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Fatah cartoon: Jews are behind world terror

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
Fatah cartoon:
Jews are behind world terror

Nan Jacques Zilberdik
Fatah has posted a cartoon that shows a Jew with a large nose and wearing a kippah (Jewish skullcap), comfortably seated in an armchair with the Star of David on it. Using a remote control, the Jew sets off an explosion in the city below, viewing the destruction as if watching TV. 

The cartoon expresses a libel often voiced by Palestinian leaders that Israel and
Jews are responsible for world terror. It was posted on the official website of Fatah’s Mobilization and Organization Commission. [Sept. 20, 2016]

A similar cartoon was recently posted by another Fatah commission, as documented by
Palestinian Media Watch. It showed a long-nosed Jew lighting a fuse to blow up a bomb. Inside the bomb, a Shi'ite Muslim and a Sunni Muslim are both lying atop bombs, lighting fuses to blow up one other. This cartoon expresses the libel that Jews/Israel seek to destroy the Muslim world, and that they are taking advantage of internal Muslim fighting to do so.

In the past, Palestinians have accused Israel of being behind the terror attacks in Brussels (March 2016), Paris (November 2015), Nice (July 2016), and even 9/11 (New York, 2001).

Note: The cartoon of the Jew sitting in an armchair was originally published in July 2014 in The Sydney Morning Herald as commentary on the 2014 Gaza War. After repeated public protests and threats of legal action by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the newspaper apologized and called it "a serious error in judgement." Fatah's choosing to publish the cartoon now, without any reference to Gaza, is clearly their statement about today's international conflicts. As cited above, Fatah regularly portrays Jews/Israel as behind the world's terror attacks, wars, and calamities.