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Political Science Lecturer: Palestinians responsible for their own situation because Arabs rejected the 1947 partition plan

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Official PA TV program "Inside" on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ speech at the UN General Assembly on Sept. 22, 2016, hosting Political Science lecturer at Al-Hazar University of Gaza Naji Shurab Official PA TV host: “Does Britain not feel embarrassed before the international community [that tells it]: ‘You created this [Zionist] entity, which does not listen to the UN resolutions or the [UN] Security Council resolutions.’ Does it not feel [embarrassed]?” Political Science lecturer at Al-Hazar University of Gaza Naji Shurab: “They do not view the matter like this, Raafat. If I am to be objective, and even neutral, Britain will tell you: ‘In response to your question, let us return to the history of Palestine and the different initiatives that were proposed as a solution to the Palestinian issue.’ And therefore Britain will hold the Palestinians responsible. [Britain will say:] ‘We proposed two states to you, or one state, or a parliament. Even [the UN] Resolution 181 (i.e., the UN Partition Plan) that we proposed to you was rejected by the Arabs. There is a historical argument on the issue, and you [Palestinians] bear some of the responsibility.’”

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