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Political Science Lecturer: Palestinians responsible for their own situation because Arabs rejected the 1947 partition plan

Official PA TV program Inside, on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ speech at the UN General Assembly on Sept. 22, 2016, hosting Political Science lecturer at Al-Hazar University of Gaza Naji Shurab

Official PA TV host: “Does Britain not feel embarrassed before the international community [that tells it]: ‘You created this [Zionist] entity, which does not listen to the UN resolutions or the [UN] Security Council resolutions.’ Does it not feel [embarrassed]?”
Political Science lecturer at Al-Hazar University of Gaza Naji Shurab: “They do not view the matter like this, Raafat. If I am to be objective, and even neutral, Britain will tell you: ‘In response to your question, let us return to the history of Palestine and the different initiatives that were proposed as a solution to the Palestinian issue.’ And therefore Britain will hold the Palestinians responsible. [Britain will say:] ‘We proposed two states to you, or one state, or a parliament. Even [UN] Resolution 181 (i.e., the UN Partition Plan) that we proposed to you was rejected by the Arabs. There is a historical argument on the issue, and you [the Palestinians] bear some of the responsibility.’”
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