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Fatah official: "The US cannot be counted on or trusted", and Israel "wants to destroy... holy sites"

Headline: “Zaki: The date of the convening Fatah’s Seventh Conference will be determined today”
      “Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki emphasized today (Tuesday) [Sept. 27, 2016] that in its meeting expected to be held today, led by [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas, the committee will discuss the date of the convening of the movement’s Seventh Conference…
He said: ‘Israel is a criminal enemy, struggling against our people through [its] policy and methods, the latest of which was its claim that it has good relations with the Arabs, and that the central problem is not the Palestinian issue, but rather different issues. This was in an attempt to tear away the Palestinians and their cause from their Arab brothers.’ […]
He noted that the Fatah Movement took part in the peace process, but did not obtain anything from it other than lies due to Israel’s lack of seriousness, which led to the weakening of the movement. He clarified that Fatah has waged battles and experienced many trials, which have caused it and our people to suffer losses, but it has won Palestinian national honor and Arab honor, and therefore there is no choice but to exchange the path of peace with a response to the Israeli stubbornness. He emphasized that the strong Fatah Movement is the only one that is able to expose the shame of Israel and its policy, and this is in light of the changes through which Israel has begun to implement its motto ‘the empire of Greater Israel – from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the Euphrates River,’ as the stupid criminal [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu says…
He emphasized that the [Seventh Fatah] Conference must focus on the national issue, and that we will not agree that the goal of the conference be to please the leaders. Likewise, he emphasized that Fatah and its leadership want to consolidate a worldview in regards to Israel, which wants to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the holy sites, and wants to carry out a [population] transfer…
“[Zaki] emphasized: ‘The US cannot be counted on or trusted, as its leaders are declaring that they support Israel; [US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary] Clinton says that she will prevent the submission of a resolution that condemns Israel at the [UN] Security Council, while [US Republican presidential candidate Donald] Trump says that he will move the embassy of his country [to Jerusalem]. Therefore, we must transfer our alliances in the future, especially in light of the existence of an active and real Russian role in the region, which stands against the American role in the field.’”
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