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14 year-old Martyr prepared own memorial

Headline: “Faris Ouda shocked the world when he came out against a tank”

“An’am Ouda, the mother of Martyr Faris [Ouda] (i.e., 14-year-old who sought Martyrdom by participating in violent riots against Israel), received the nickname ‘Um Al-Sa’id’ (i.e., “the mother of the happy one,” indicating that her son is a “Martyr” in Paradise)…

Faris was a normal child… who liked debka dances (i.e., Arab folk dance), sports, and religious lessons, until his cousin Shadi was shot by the occupation and died as a Martyr at Al-Muntar Crossing (i.e., Karni Crossing)… His mother said: ‘A day before his [Faris’] death as a Martyr I saw a picture of him standing in front of a tank on TV, and I asked him not to do that again, because if he did his father would hit him and he wouldn’t get his allowance.’ …[Faris] said that his cousin Martyr Shadi came to him in a dream and asked him to take revenge, and it was the same dream that came to his mother one night when Martyr Shadi came to her in a dream and asked her to let Faris go to the Al-Muntar Crossing.

‘Um Al-Sa’id’ said about this: ‘I had not yet recovered from the shock of losing my sister’s son, Martyr Shadi, and therefore I begged him [Faris] not to go to Al-Muntar, and many times I chased after him there and brought him home.’

The morning [he died], Faris went out early from his home carrying a slingshot in his hand after preparing for himself a wreath of flowers, decorating it with his picture, and writing by hand: ‘Heroic Martyr Faris Ouda.’”

Faris Ouda - 14-year-old ‎Palestinian who was presented by PA Chairman Yasser Arafat as a role model for ‎Palestinian children because he sought and achieved death as a "Martyr" ‎in confrontations with Israel during the PA’s 5-year terror campaign. According to his family and the official PA daily, on Nov. 8, ‎‎2000, the day he was killed, before heading towards the areas where ‎Palestinian and Israelis were involved in fighting, Ouda left a wreath ‎around his picture in his room with the words: "Heroic Martyr Faris ‎Ouda." [Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 30. 2000] The PA daily wrote that Ouda had said to his ‎mother, "Don't be afraid, mother, Martyrdom (Shahada) is sweet, and I’m an atonement for the Al-Aqsa Mosque." [Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 3, 2001]