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PA Ministry of Finance: State treasury has so far received only 53% of expected foreign aid for 2016

Headline: “The PA has collected 76% of the expected revenue during the current year”
“Figures that were published by the [PA] Ministry of Finance showed that the state treasury has collected 8.5 billion [Israeli] shekels in revenue from the beginning of the current year until the end of the month of August [2016], which constitutes 76% of all the expected revenue in the 2016 budget…
The overall amount of foreign aid that the PA aspires to in the 2016 budget is 3.8 billion shekels, but the figures of the Ministry of Finance showed that the state treasury has only received 53% of the expected aid during the current year, and this was after eight months of the year had already passed.
From the Ministry of Finance’s figures it becomes clear that the state treasury, by the end of this August, reached 2.05 billion shekels, while the forecast for the 2016 budget stands at approximately 3.88 billion shekels.
The figures show that by the end of August 1.8 billion shekels had reached the PA coffers from the Arab grants, in other words 61.6% of the overall forecast for the current year, while the other contributing countries had given only 1.22 billion shekels by the end of August.”