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PA Ministry of Information: Jews attempt to "plunder the forefathers' heritage and pass off a fake Israeli narrative full of holes"

Headline: “Ministry of Information: The Palestinian heritage is stronger than the Judaization”
“The [PA] Ministry of Information considered Palestinian Heritage Day – Oct. 7 – to be a rebellion against the Judaization despite the occupation’s terror that targets our heritage and [the occupation’s] falsification of it… The ministry said that the war on the national clothing, traditional foods, trees, fruits, birds, rocks, and land constitute a continuation of the desperate Israeli attempts to plunder the forefathers’ heritage and pass off a fake Israeli narrative full of holes. Likewise, the ministry praised the decision of the previous [Palestinian] government to adopt the northern orange-tufted sunbird as a national bird and the iris haynei as a national flower of our freedom-deprived land, due to the symbolism and importance of the matter for the struggle against the Israelization.”