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Islamic preacher: Muslims, Jews and other minorities lived in peace in Muhammad's time, "this is what we desperately need today"

Headline: “The Prophet’s migration [from Mecca to Medina] – a turning point in the history of mankind”
Excerpt of an article in the official PA daily’s weekly religious supplement .
 “Islamic preacher Sheikh Osama Fakhri Al-Jundi noted that in Medina [at the time of Prophet Muhammad] there were Muslims, idol worshippers, Jews, Bedouins and blacks, and despite this variety and different mixture, the Prophet, peace be upon him, reconciled these affiliations, orientations and religions. The Messenger, blessing and peace be upon him, emphasized that residents of Medina are all one nation, their peace is one and their war is one. Islam continued to chart the path of unity, to establish the foundations of comradeship and to create a unified society that does not distinguish between gender, color and status, and this is what we desperately need today in order to stand against the civil wars that are plaguing the Arab and Islamic nation.”

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