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PA TV airs song: "Go on O Muslim and fight... Death is better than humiliation"

Official PA TV program The Tune of the Revolution, performance by the Palestinian Al-Rawabi Band in Kuwait
The Al-Rawabi Band: [The band sings the following song] “We would sing at weddings, jafra, ataba, and dahya (i.e., different types of folk songs), and today we sing with bullets about the Jihad fighters..."
Pictures of the band are shown and the following song, first broadcast on Sept. 22, 2015, on the same official PA TV program
The Tune of the Revolution, is heard in the background:
The Al-Rawabi Band: "We declared the revolution against the occupier, and we installed the cannon on the hill. Go on O Muslim and fight, the day of the return has appeared, the lion cubs (i.e., young boys) behind you are defending you in the valleys and mountains, they are not afraid to fight; an honorable death is better than humiliation.”

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