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PA daily: Terrorist who murdered 2 "lit the torch of Jerusalem"

Headline: “Fatah: The occupation government bears responsibility for the Palestinian responses”
     “Fatah spokesman Fayiz Abu Aita emphasized that the occupation government alone bears responsibility for the consequences of the Palestinian responses. He emphasized that the Israeli government’s sponsorship of terror, settlement, harming the holy city [of Jerusalem], Judaization, Israelization, and all of these steps, will lead to additional Palestinian responses.
Abu Aita’s statements came in response to the Jerusalem operation (i.e., terror attack, 2 murdered). He said: ‘[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu must understand that security and stability will not be achieved until the legitimate rights of our people are achieved, and primarily Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state.’ Abu Aita added that Israel’s policy of murder and summary executions, the expropriation of land for settlements, and the harming of the holy sites will not dissuade our people from defending legitimate rights.”

Musbah Abu Sbeih – 39-year-old Palestinian terrorist who murdered 2 Israelis and wounded 5 others in 3 drive-by shooting attacks in Jerusalem on Oct. 9, 2016. Abu Sbeih, who held Israeli residency status, began his shooting spree at the Ammunition Hill light rail stop and continued to the Shimon Hatzadik neighborhood. He was killed in an exchange of fire with Israeli border police officers during the attack. On the morning of the attack, Abu Sbeih was due to turn himself in to begin a 4 month jail sentence, after being convicted in January 2015 on numerous counts of inciting to terror and supporting a terror organization. On his Facebook page, Abu Sbeih praised terror groups including Hamas as well as terrorists who carried out attacks and actively called for attacks against Israelis. In July 2016, Abu Sbeih was given a distancing order from the Temple Mount that was to be in effect until the end of October 2016.