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PLO official on imprisoned terrorists: "Our brave prisoners... We bow our heads in admiration and honor of the prisoners` sacrifices [and] for their acts of heroism"

Headline: "Erekat: The prisoners' cause is central and the activity for their release continues"
"Crowds of the Jericho and [Jordan] Valley district expressed full solidarity with the prisoners in the occupation's prison and resistance to the steps of oppression against the brave prisoners. They demanded that the international community get involved in order to put an end to the suffering of the prisoners.
A solidarity rally was held opposite the Red Cross building in the center of Jericho, with the participation of Secretary-General of the PLO Executive Committee [and Fatah Central Committee member] Saeb Erekat and District Governor of Jericho and the [Jordan] Valley Majed Al-Fatiani...
Erekat said: 'Our brave prisoners, who gave and sacrificed their freedom for Palestine and its freedom, are worthy of aid, support, and constant activity by us in order to release them and put an end to their suffering. The prisoners' cause is a national and central cause, and we bow our heads in admiration and honor of the prisoners' sacrifices, for their acts of heroism, and for their ongoing battle with the occupation.'
District Governor Al-Fatiani emphasized that the prisoners' cause is at the head of the priorities of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas, and that the president and the Palestinian leadership are making every effort in order to put an end to their suffering."
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