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PA daily: "The racism of Israel is burning its fingers" like the "blind racism of the Nazis"

Headline: “The racism of Israel is burning its fingers”
Excerpt of op-ed by Bassem Barhoum
 “Israel is a state that has lost its sense of sight and discernment. Therefore, I do not rule out that the day will soon come when we will see the Zionist racists and extremists who rule in Israel burning the books of the new Israeli historians and every book that talks objectively about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the city squares.
Who expected that the Germans would burn the books of [Karl] Marx and the rest of the thinkers and philosophers in the center of Berlin, and yet the blind racism of the Nazis led to this.
This caused me to consider the possibility that a scenario like this could happen as a response of the blind racism of the Israeli politicians to the participation and positions of representatives of the B’Tselem organization and the Americans for Peace Now association in the advisory meeting of the [UN] Security Council, which was held last Friday [Oct. 14, 2016] under the title Illegal Israeli Settlements: A Threat to Peace and the Two-State Solution.”