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"Great" Europeans include Holocaust deniers, Nazi officer

This Palestinian daily described a paper of a research center which gives prominence and support to "great" Europeans who withstood the lies of "world Zionism." This list of Europeans includes two prominent Holocaust deniers, a Nazi officer in World War Two and the leader of an extremist right wing political party.
 "The Zaid center . . . published a new research paper titled: 'These are the people who challenged Israel in the last 50 years.' This research surveys the honored. . . European leaders, politicians, and thinkers - against world Zionism and Israel....
Five of the most famous personalities who were known for their opposition to the Zionist pressure: the French leader Charles de Gaulle, past general secretary of the UN and the president of Austria, Kurt Waldheim [a Nazi officer] and the famous English historian David Irving [a Holocaust denier], the new Austrian leader Jorg Heider and the writer and thinker Frenchman Roger Grudie [a Holocaust denier].
...The center points out at the beginning of the paper which was defined as an historical paper for the Arab reader, and in it a thanks, appreciation and recognition to these people and others, among those who defend the rights and justice in the world."