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Op-ed in PA daily: Israel creates terror and supports terror organizations like ISIS, op-ed also glorifies Martyrdom

Headline: "ISIS' crime against the Martyrs"

Op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist for the official PA daily

"The Martyrs (Shahids) are more noble and honorable than all of us together. They are candles of the path of liberation and return and bearers of the flag of the cause and the people. They are pioneers of self-sacrifice who do not differentiate between 'I' and 'we.' They have risen to the highest levels of integration with the expectations, desires, and goals of the people. Their giving has no boundaries. No comparison can be made between Martyrdom (Shahada, death for Allah) and units of measurement, as self-sacrifice is greater than all the assessments and descriptions…

The tombstones of those who wrote the most spectacular epics in the national history and wrote with their pure blood the most pure, sublime, and glorious pages on the people's golden list have been destroyed by the ISIS Takfiris (i.e., Muslims who accuse other Muslims of heresy) in the cemetery of Martyrs (Shahids) in the Al-Yarmouk refugee camp southeast of the Syrian capital of Damascus, which is still under their rule.

The crime, perpetrated by Takfiris against the tombstones of the symbols of the revolution leadership, and primarily Prince of Martyrs Abu Jihad… is consistent with the crime of the Israeli ethnic cleansing state, which grabbed the [land of] the Ma’man Allah (i.e., Mamilla) cemetery in which many of Prophet [Muhammad's] friends and the Muslim saints are buried, in the capital of Jerusalem, and turned it into a brewery and a park…

The two crimes reflect the complementariness between the source and the branch, between the Israeli state that creates the international organized terror and the tool that it nourishes and supports, in other words the Takfir organizations (i.e., Muslim organizations that accuse other people or groups of heresy) in general – ISIS, [Jabhat] Al-Nusra, Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis (i.e., a Jihadist terror group in the Sinai Peninsula), and all the groups that have branched out from the womb of the Muslim Brotherhood organization. Therefore, these attacks are not chance and were not made lightly, but rather constitute intentional and premeditated targeting of the status of the Prophet's friends, the Muslim saints, and the symbols of the revolution, the Martyrs at the Al-Yarmouk refugee camp…

The Israeli state of occupation and aggression has refused to transfer the remains of the Martyrs to Palestine so they can be buried there, and thus has added to the despicable crime that it perpetrated against the Ma’man Allah cemetery. Likewise, it fears the remains of the Martyrs who fed it the bitterness of the conflict and gave strong and significant slaps and blows to the Israeli army of death and the military establishment in general, and therefore it is afraid of even the presence of their remains in the land of their forefathers."

Jabhat Al-Nusra is a branch of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization operating in Syria and Lebanon, formed in January 2012. It is an Islamic Sunni, Jihadist group fighting against the Syrian government forces in the Syrian civil war, in order to establish an Islamic state in Syria.

Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis (Supporters of Jerusalem) – A Sunni, Al-Qaeda affiliated Jihadist terror group active in the Sinai Peninsula. In 2014, many of its members swore allegiance to the Islamic State, changing the group’s name to Wilayat Sinai (Province of Sinai), while other members remained loyal to Al-Qaeda. The group also has a branch in the Gaza Strip known as the Islamic State in Gaza. The group has carried out numerous terror attacks against Israel and Egypt, including an attack on a bus in Eilat in 2011, in which 8 Israelis and 3 Egyptian soldiers were killed, an attack on the Egyptian Security Directorate in Mansoura in 2013, in which 16 were killed and 134 injured, and the Taba bus bombing in 2014 that killed 4. In January 2015, the group killed over 30 Egyptian soldiers in attacks in North Sinai.

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