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Fatah official claims Israel plotting to kill Abbas, like it killed Arafat

"Fatah Revolutionary Council member and Director-General of the [PA] Commission for Information and Culture [Muwaffaq Matar] said that the [Palestinian] national project is being subjected to an assassination attempt in three stages, and warned against the political assassination operation, after which will come the physical assassination of [PA] President and Commander-in-Chief Mahmoud Abbas as part of the preparation for the assassination of the spirit of the national project…
Matar explained yesterday, Thursday [Oct. 27, 2016], in an interview with Radio Mawtini, the dangers of this plot, and said: 'The first stage began with the attempt to thwart the holding of the Seventh General Conference of the [Fatah] Movement, and this is because of the plotters’ understanding that the conference is the main basis for reviving Fatah, in other words, for reviving the PLO and the Palestinian national project.'
He added and warned of the dangers of the second stage that has also already begun, with the talk about the legitimacy of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas, and noted that it is liable to be a political assassination operation, after which will come a physical assassination. Likewise, he mentioned the signs preceding the assassination of the leader, president, and symbol Yasser Arafat (That Israel assassinated Arafat is a common Palestinian libel and claim that has been disproven –Ed.)… and noted that the one who stood behind this plot was then occupation army Minister of War (i.e., Israeli Minister of Defense) Ariel Sharon, and today [Minister of War] Avigdor Liberman stands at its head, a minister in the occupation state’s extremist right-wing government led by [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu."
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