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Palestinian Ministry of Education condemns American school in Jerusalem teaching kids that Palestinian terrorists were terrorists

Headline: "The Palestinians are the ones who started the terror in the world according to the curriculum of the Jerusalem School in Jerusalem "

"If you were told that there is an American school in the heart of Jerusalem that in its curriculum describes the Palestinian organizations as terrorist, that the school administration accompanies the students to participation in the 'Jewish holiday of Sukkot,' and that at this school there are almost 1,000 male and female students from Jerusalem, and it was established more than 25 years ago and is located in Beit Hanina, in northern Jerusalem), would you believe that?

In the history book taught at the school, under the headline Terrorism Around the World, the following paragraph appears (the following quotes are transcribed from the photograph of the book itself -Ed.): ‘The problem of modern international terrorism first came to world attention in a shocking way during the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich, Germany (then West Germany). Members of a Palestinian terrorist group killed two Israeli athletes and took nine others hostage, later killing them. Palestinian terrorists also used airplane hijackings and suicide bombers. Since then, few regions of the world have been spared from terrorist attacks.'

Afterwards, this paragraph completes [the text]: 'The Middle East: Many terrorist organizations have roots in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict over land in the Middle East. Groups such as the Palestine Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and Hizballah have sought to prevent a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians. They want a homeland for the Palestinians on their own terms, deny Israel's right to exist, and seek Israel’s destruction. In a continual cycle of violence, the Israelis retaliate after most terrorist attacks, and the terrorists strike again.'

The school teaches an American curriculum in the English language and does not use the Palestinian curriculum except for Arabic language materials, particularly because the students take the American SAT exam and not the matriculation exam of the Palestinian [PA] Ministry of Education…

In a phone conversation with the head of the unit for Jerusalem affairs in the [PA] Ministry of Education Dima Al-Samman, she told [the independent Palestinian news agency] Wattan that ‘The aforementioned school has not received a license from the ministry. It has an Israeli license to operate, and we have no responsibility for it.'

Al-Samman added that the ministry denounces the activities of the school and considers its actions to be an occupation of the Palestinian mind, and that the residents must think about what is appropriate for their children and understand the extent of the danger to which their mind, culture, and identity are subjected.

Al-Samman called on the civil society institutions in Jerusalem to act and cooperate with the parents in order to stop what the school is doing.

On the other hand, the school says on its website and in [its] 'about' [section] that it has a license from the Israeli and Palestinian Ministry of Education.

Likewise, Wattan obtained a report card of one of the female students of the school that is approved by the Jerusalem Education Directorate (i.e., under the PA Ministry of Education) and by the Palestinian [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs."

The Munich Massacre - a terrorist attack perpetrated by the Palestinian terror organization Black September during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, in which they murdered 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team.