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Jews are "enemies of Allah," says Saudi scholar on TV

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

The following are statements from Dr. Walid Al-Rashudi's speech: "You don't treat the Jews as enemies only because they are human beings who eat and drink. No! We treat them as enemies because they are the enemies of Allah and the prophets, they murdered the prophets, distorted the prophecy, they are traitors and deceivers - therefore we treat them as enemies." "We are a [Muslim] nation who believes in the Hidden, and you [Muslim] traitors don't believe. We believe in the Almighty Allah and you [Muslim traitors] believe in America and Israel. We believe that Allah, may He be Exalted, sent His soldiers against America in many places in the world." "Oh Allah, inflict as many losses as possible on the Jews, kill them one by one and don't leave even one."

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