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PA Minister: the PA is under "heavy economic pressure," "international aid is shrinking"

Headline: "Abu Shahla: The [PA] government is under heavy economic pressure, and the international aid is shrinking"
"[PA] Minister of Labor Ma'moun Abu Shahla discussed yesterday [Nov. 1, 2016] with Chinese Ambassador to the State of Palestine Chen Xingzhong methods of cooperation between the two sides…
Abu Shahla noted that there are 400,000 unemployed, most of them young and university graduates - in other words approximately 32% are unemployed in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank - whom the Palestinian [PA] government cannot employ at a time when the private sector is weak and fragile…
Abu Shahla said: 'The Palestinian government is under heavy economic pressure and the international aid is shrinking; in 2015 we expected to receive $1.3 billion, but we received $700 million. In 2016 we have received until now $300 million.' He noted that at the moment, the government is relying on taxes, levies, and the tax monies [that Israel collects for it], and it is barely paying the employees' salaries."