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Friday sermon: O Allah, kill the Jews one by one

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |
Friday sermon on Al-Aqsa (Hamas) TV, broadcast from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:
Dr. Walid Al-Rashudi, head of Islamic Studies at Saud University:
"O dear ones, O Mujahideen [Jihad fighters], O mighty ones, we have a great wish: That you will be on guard and do all that you can to capture Jews. Try to take as many Jews as possible into captivity. I ask of the exalted Allah that He make it easy for you to take them captive and that He place them, humiliated and small, in your hands. Allah hears.
I ask Allah for complete victory for the Mujahideen. Allah – direct [the stone] towards the enemy. Allah – provide Your forces with many soldiers. There is no one who can defeat His [Allah's] soldiers.
O Allah, cause the Jews the greatest possible losses; kill them one by one and do not leave even one. O Lord, make every one of the Mujahideen's missiles cause casualties among the Jews, and may this be a crushing blow. I ask of You, Allah, that You show us many killed and prisoners from among the Jews. O Allah, allow the Mujahideen to kill and to take into captivity the greatest number of Jews…"