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Palestinian play glorifies terrorist "Martyr" who hijacked a plane

Official PA TV News, on the one-man play Where Will I Find Someone Like You, Ali. The play is about terrorist Ali Taha Abu Snina, who was killed during the hijacking of Sabena flight 571 in May 1972, as were another terrorist and a female passenger.
Official PA TV reporter:Where Will I Find Someone Like You, Ali. That is the name of a play dealing with the story of Martyr (Shahid) Ali Taha [Abu Snina] (i.e., terrorist, hijacked plane), which has passed from generation to generation and established his character in the [public ] consciousness as a freedom fighter. However, there are other anonymous heroes in the story, whose humanitarian struggle is followed in the play…
The family lost its son, who fell as a Martyr, and he became a hero, symbol, and extraordinary man, and indeed that is what he is, but he is first of all a man who left behind a wife and children and a family.”

Ali Taha Abu Snina – a terrorist who participated in the hijacking of Sabena flight 571 from Vienna to Tel Aviv in May 1972. When the plane landed in Israel, the terrorists demanded the release of 315 Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prisons. Israel mounted a rescue operation led by Ehud Barak (who later served as Israeli Prime Minister), in which current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participated. During the rescue the two male hijackers Abu Snina and Abed Al-Aziz Atrash were killed, and one passenger, 22-year-old Miriam Anderson, was also killed accidentally. The two female hijackers, Rima Tannous and Theresa Halsa, were captured and sentenced to life imprisonment – Halsa for 220 years. They were released in November 1983 in a prisoner exchange.