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Guest on PA TV recites poem that refers to Palestine as "from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River… it is the blood of the Martyrs… and the cries of joy of the Martyrs' mothers"

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, on an activity singing the Iraqi national anthem Mawtini (“My Homeland” in Arabic), which is taking place for the 2nd consecutive year, hosting Ruba Al-Masrouji and Iyad Shahin, who are in charge of the activity

Ruba Al-Masrouji: "We gave this speech last year, [in order to explain] why we are singing Mawtini (i.e., My Homeland in Arabic). I would like to give it before everyone, if possible.”
Official PA TV host: "Please."
Al-Masrouji: "As I see my homeland in its majesty
Reaching to the Heavens (the previous two lines refer to lines in the song Mawtini –Ed.)
From the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River
From Rosh HaNikra (i.e., in northern Israel) to Um Al-Rashrash (i.e., the Palestinian Arabic name for the city of Eilat, in southern Israel)
As my homeland is the voice, the echo, and the purpose
As it is the blood of the Martyrs (Shahids), the years of the prisoners in prison, the sighs of the wounded, and the cries of joy of the Martyrs' mothers
As my homeland is Palestine and its eternal capital is Jerusalem
And as the land is [inhabited] by its people, and is not a land without a people (based on the Zionist slogan describing Israel as ‘a land without a people for a people without a land' –Ed.)
And as it is the resolve of a resident of Jerusalem, the resistance of a resident of Hebron, the courage of the Gazan, and the rebellion of Nablus
As the young will not tire until your independence or until their death (refers to a line in the song Mawtini –Ed.)
And as we have not forgotten, and our elderly have not died (referring to the saying “The elderly will die and the young will forget,” attributed, apparently falsely, to former Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion regarding the Nakba - “the catastrophe,” the Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel –Ed.)
And because the word is the resistance and the song is resistance
And as resistance is a right
We will resist and sing Mawtini together as my homeland is Palestine, all of Palestine"
Host: "Thank you very much."