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Palestinian archbishop condemns visits of “normalization” to Israel by Arab politicians and journalists

Headline: “Archbishop Atallah Hanna warns against normalization visits to Jerusalem”
        “Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia Atallah Hanna said: ‘We understand the sincere desire of members of our Arab nation, Christians and Muslims alike, who yearn to visit the holy sites in Jerusalem and express solidarity and identification with the Palestinian people…’ He expressed surprise and concern, and added: ‘We notice that recently there are visits with a nature of normalization that have no connection to identification with the Palestinian people. There are Arab politicians and members of the media who visit Palestine for the goal of identifying with the occupier, without considering moral, human, or national values of any kind.’
The archbishop added: ‘Recently a group of members of the media and journalists arrived from one of the Arab states, as part of an unprecedented act of normalization. This is a phenomenon that must be opposed and condemned, because it harms our Palestinian cause and serves the interest of the occupation, which is trying to advance its narrative and policy against the [Palestinian] people.’
He emphasized his opposition to any form or manner of normalization, and added: ‘The dubious visits that we are noticing recently are a dangerous and troubling development, and there must be a clear national position regarding them. These dubious visits are meant to express identification with the occupier, and not with the deprived Palestinian people.’
He warned against a continuation of these visits, and declared that he refuses to welcome any delegation of this sort when it visits Jerusalem.”

Archbishop Atallah Hanna made his remarks in response to an official visit by seven leading Moroccan journalists to Israel during the week of Nov. 11, 2016.

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