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Fatah official: Palestinians have “not taken an interest in American elections for years”; Trump "racist towards Muslims"

Headline: “The Palestinian factions: The Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin regarding the Palestinian issue”

“Fatah Revolutionary Council member Amin Maqbul said that the Fatah Movement and the Palestinian people have not taken an interest in the American elections for years, and noted that his movement does not see a difference between [US President Elect Donald] Trump and [Democratic candidate Hillary] Clinton on everything regarding the Palestinian issue and their position towards Israel.
He said: ‘We in the Palestinian leadership will work with any [US] president who is elected on a political basis, and we hope that whoever the American president is, he will strive to achieve peace in the region.’
He added: ‘Trump’s statements regarding the Muslims are racist statements and they raise concern with regard to internal American politics and the beginning of a split in American society. I think that Trump will not be able to carry out this policy, and these are just racist statements.’”