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PLO official: New American administration should honor previous commitments to two-state-solution, not move American embassy to Jerusalem

Headline: “Majdalani: We respect the will of the peoples in electing their presidents”

“Secretary-General of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front and PLO Executive Committee member Ahmed Majdalani said: ‘We respect the will of the peoples in electing their presidents. We have no problem with any president in the world, in return for respecting the will of our people [to realize] its right to self-determination, the establishment of its independent state, and the ending of the occupation on its land.’
In response to Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections, Majdalani added: ‘The next American administration must deal seriously with the Palestinian issue and the implementation of the two-state solution, to which the previous Republican administrations were committed. It must not place obstacles before the international initiatives to achieve an arrangement in the region, and it must stop leaning in favor of the occupation state.’
He noted that the path to achieving security, peace, and stability in the Middle East region is through a solution to the Palestinian problem, through a just and comprehensive peace, an end to the occupation in accordance with the resolutions of the international institutions, and the establishment of the Palestinian state whose capital is East Jerusalem.
Majdalani called on President Trump, now that he is in the position of direct and highest responsibility, to have his promises during the election campaign to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem simply remain campaign promises, and not a policy of his administration regarding the Middle East.”

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