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PLO official blames US for failed peace talks; accuses US of bias in favor of Israel, covering Israeli “crimes”

Headline: " Abu Yusuf: Trump's victory will not add anything new to the complicity between the US and Israel"

"Secretary-General of the Palestinian Liberation Front and PLO Executive Committee member Dr. Wasel Abu Yusuf said that the bias of the American Administration in favor of the Israeli occupation state is constant and not connected to the victory of [US President-elect Donald] Trump or [Democratic presidential candidate Hillary] Clinton. Abu Yusuf emphasized in a press interview that 'The Democratic and Republican parties have a constant policy regarding the Palestinian cause.'

Likewise, he emphasized that when talking about the Palestinian cause in the American corridors, the talk is about an obvious bias in favor of the occupation and the covering of its crimes by the American parties throughout the years of the Democratic and Republican administrations.

He said that the failure to advance in the matter of negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides is caused by the American sponsorship of these discussions, which has been characterized for years by American complicity with the occupation's policies. He noted that the victory of the Republican party candidate, Donald Trump, does not add anything new to this complicity.

In addition, he noted that the American administration will continue the political, economic, and military aid to the occupation, and that Trump's term of office will not be worse than that of [US President Barack] Obama.

Abu Yusuf added that Trump's previous promises to transfer the American Embassy to occupied Jerusalem have been made before by American [presidential] candidates, who did not succeed in implementing them. He clarified that all of the US presidential candidates focus on strengthening the connection with the occupation and attempt to win the Jewish vote in the US by making various promises."

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