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Hamas Background Brief no. 2: Bombs are more precious than children

Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook  |
Imagine a music video teaching kids that bombs are more precious than children. This is not fantasy - this is the message of an actual Hamas TV music video. After a five year-old finds out that her mother wore a bomb belt to a suicide terror attack, she sings: "Now I know what was more precious than us."  She then swears to follow in her mother's footsteps, as a suicide bomber.
This is just one example of the wide range of hateful and abusive messages on Hamas TV, designed to indoctrinate children to Hamas values. Children are taught to value violence, hatred and Islamic supremacy, and that seeking Martyrdom for Allah is the highest value, bringing "honor and glory."
PMW has created a five-minute compilation of key representative segments from Hamas TV that document this indoctrination of children.
In addition to the video featuring the daughter of a suicide bomber, this collection includes a music video depicting a boy's transition from childhood to adulthood, climaxing in his heroic Martyrdom death; a puppet show promising world Islamic supremacy, death of infidels and the conversion of the White House into a mosque; and a talk show segment featuring kindergarten kids marching in military formation, brandishing weapons and calling for Jihad and Martyrdom.
Also included are statements by Hillary Clinton from her news conference with PMW in the US Senate, where she criticized Palestinian schoolbooks and television that "profoundly poison the minds of these children."