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PA to kids: Israel killed Arafat and may kill Abbas

Official PA TV Live  |
Official PA TV program The Best Home, on the death of Yasser Arafat

Official PA TV host: “We want to know who murdered our late leader [Yasser Arafat]. Certainly it is the occupation, but we need to be certain on this issue so that we can turn to the world with facts… They could even kill our [PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas]…
[In 2002,] the Israeli occupation entered every area of the West Bank and tried to kill many, and it killed many of our [Palestinian] people (reference is to counter-terror Operation Defensive Shield, see note below –Ed.)…
In the end they killed him, Yasser Arafat, because up until his last breath he defended the children of his people in war and in peace, in other words both diplomatically and also with a rifle, with a weapon.”

Palestinian child: “In spirit and blood we will redeem you Al-Aqsa Mosque, in spirit and blood we will redeem you Al-Aqsa Mosque. In spirit and blood we will redeem you Al-Aqsa Mosque. Jerusalem, millions of Martyrs (Shahids) are marching towards you, Jerusalem, millions of Martyrs are marching towards you.”

Official PA TV host: “We will follow Yasser Arafat’s path and his promise, and also the path of our current president, leader Mahmoud Abbas, because he wants to see in all of us the future of Palestine, and he wants to struggle for all of us against the occupation’s army. He wants to struggle for us against Israel, which is growing in its military strength - but we are growing in our creativity and we will fight them before the entire world. Allah willing they will soon leave Palestine defeated.”

Operation Defensive Shield - a large Israeli military operation in April 2002 in response to the many suicide bombings during PA terror campaign (the second Intifada, 2000-2005). Israel put Arafat under siege and invaded six of the largest West Bank cities in an attempt to destroy the terror infrastructure.
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