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Op-ed in PA daily: President-elect Trump “aggressive, racist, and rash,” America has “racist” trend

Headline: “[Donald] Trump’s election is the result of a crisis” 

Op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist of the official PA daily


“Forty-fifth US President [-elect Donald Trump] is a most problematic man. [He is] eccentric, aggressive, racist, and rash in his responses because he is short-tempered and undiplomatic in his treatment of people, groups, and states. During his election campaign he made inappropriate and diplomatically unwise statements regarding the Persian Gulf states, Iran, Mexico, and other states… and in this way, even before he entered the White House, he got himself into disagreements with these states and others, including Europe, which expressed its displeasure at his victory, so much so that senior European officials called to build a joint security force and not to gamble and rely on the US…
His election revealed the depth of the racist trend within the US. This will contribute to the escalation of the waves of hatred against blacks and people of color in general, including Arabs, Chinese, [American] Indians, Mexicans, and Hispanics. Likewise, this will again raise the issue of racism in a severe manner within the US and on the global level…
The general and catastrophic economic crisis that Uncle Sam’s country has experienced since September 2008 has not yet ended. It still exists, albeit at a relatively lower level. Trump’s election is the result of it (i.e., the economic crisis), and of the bankruptcy of the American values and America’s status as the sole leader of the world. Currently, it has competitors, and not only one competitor…
The foreseeable future foretells serious consequences regarding the fate of President [-elect] Donald Trump. Whatever the results may be, the new president is a symbol of a deep crisis, and his taking office will ignite many crises, and the coming days will bring the answers with them.”