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Contrary to message in Arabic to Palestinians, Abbas states to Russian PM that the PA wants the two-state solution

Headline: “[PA] President: Our recognition of Israel cannot be for free, and it must implement the agreements that have been signed”

“[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas emphasized that ‘Our recognition of the State of Israel cannot be for free, for at the same time there needs to be Israeli recognition of the State of Palestine.’ The president yesterday [Nov. 11, 2016], during a press conference with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in the city of Jericho, expressed his confidence that Russia will have an active and supporting role in every political process in our region…
The president said that [US President-elect Donald] Trump’s victory in the presidency is ‘an American issue.’ Likewise, he said: ‘We have followed the election process for over a year. What interests us is what Trump will say after he reaches the White House. What we demand of him is that the US will accept the solution of two states living side by side in security and stability, and that it will act to implement it.’”