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PA TV: Israel is “Judaizing” Palestine, committing acts of “forgery and robbery” against holy sites, and “steals our Canaanite heritage”

Official PA TV program The Occupied Capital, on heritage and folklore

Official PA TV host: “The Palestinian heritage refuses to undergo Judaization, despite the terror of the occupation that attempts to harm our heritage and Judaize it. Palestine, with its people, its land, its history, its trees, and everything within it – it is the faithful protector of our heritage, and it is waging a daily struggle against the occupation, at a time when Israel does not cease its acts of forgery and robbery against the Muslim and Christian holy sites and the antiquities sites - which are the required basis for heritage and national culture - and steals our Canaanite heritage.”

A photoshopped picture shows Zionist leader Theodor Herzl wearing a keffiyeh (Arab headdress).

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