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PA’s UN ambassador calls relocation of US embassy to Jerusalem “attack”, “aggression”; threatens international retribution on the US

Headline: “The ambassador of Palestine to the UN warned Trump against transferring the American Embassy to Jerusalem: We would consider that ‘aggression’”

“Palestinian Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour said that if [US] President-elect Donald Trump decides to implement his promise to transfer the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Palestinians ‘will make life miserable’ for the US at the UN institutions.
During his participation in a conference at a research institute in Washington, he added: ‘If they attack us by transferring the embassy to Jerusalem, that will constitute a violation of a [UN] Security Council resolution, and [UN] General Assembly Resolution 181 (i.e., the UN Partition Plan), which was drafted by the US. A step such as this would mean a revelation of aggression towards us, and if they do this, no one will be able to blame us if we activate all of the weapons at our disposal in the UN in order to defend ourselves, and we have many weapons at the UN.’
Mansour said: ‘The Palestinian response to transferring the embassy to Jerusalem will not be passing a resolution at the Security Council, because the US could veto it, but we can make their lives miserable every day by forcing them to veto our request to join the UN as a permanent member state.’
Mansour presented a series of response measures that the Palestinians could turn to, such as convening emergency meetings of the Security Council, or what he called ‘reopening Pandora’s box,’ regarding the [UN] International Court of Justice ruling on the separation fence or the settlements.
Mansour said: ‘If the American administration wants to violate international law, it will commit an illegal act. I hope that they will not do that.’”