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Official PA daily expects Trump to revise US policy in Israel’s favor, warns of “unprecedented responses in the Palestinian arena”

Excerpt of an op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist of the official PA daily

The columnist notes the Israeli right's satisfaction with US President-elect Donald Trump's victory, but adds:

Headline: “Israel and Trump”
“However, there is a trend in Israel that is not optimistic and is not pinning hopes on the policy of [US] President [-elect Donald] Trump… out of concern that the man will turn against Israel. But this does not cancel the general trend of Trump and his Vice [President-elect Mike] Pence, which clearly leans towards unprecedented support of Israel, which is liable to lead to unprecedented responses in the Palestinian arena.

This is because apparently, the personality of the new president is not based on guidelines and defined principles, and with him everything can change other than the support for rebellious and law-breaking Israel.

This must cause us to formulate different scenarios for dealing with the dramatic developments as a result of President Trump’s election, because the current policy will not be the same policy after he takes the seat of power in the White House. Whoever thinks [it will remain the same] is wrong. Therefore, we must open a direct dialogue with him now, immediately, even before he actually takes office on Jan. 20, 2017. Likewise, we must extricate by force the UN resolutions that we can now (i.e., work to pass anti-Israeli UN resolutions before Trump takes office –Ed.).”