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PLO official: Both American political parties are biased in Israel’s favor, there will be no progress in the peace process during Trump’s presidency

Headline: “Abu Yusuf: The two American parties are clearly biased in favor of the occupation”

“[PLO Executive Committee member and] Secretary-General of the Palestinian Liberation Front Dr. Wasel Abu Yusuf said: ‘There is no difference between the American Republican and Democratic parties on everything concerning the Palestinian cause, as both of them are clearly biased in favor of the Israeli occupation.’
In a press interview Abu Yusuf rejected the possibility that progress will take place in the diplomatic (i.e., peace ) process during Trump’s term. He added that the US by itself has supervised the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations for dozens of years, but it has thwarted every possibility of talking about achieving the Palestinian national rights.
He noted that the American position regarding the settlements, according to which they constitute an obstacle to the peace process, is not reflected in practice, while everything that the US does is only to cover the crimes of the occupation…
Likewise, he said that the Palestinian side needs to make difficult yet necessary decisions, and stop relying on the American role, and to widen the circle of alliances with other powers like Russia and the European Union.”