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Australian MP: PMW presentations explain Palestinian youth violence

MP Michael Danby  |
Australian MP:
PMW presentations explain Palestinian youth violence

Michael Danby, an Labor Member of the Australian Parliament, addressed the Australian Parliament regarding a motion on alleged Israeli violence against Palestinian minors. He condemned PA violence promotion and cited PMW presentations specifically as exposing PA incitement among youth:
“Unfortunately, Palestinian leadership have encouraged young people to carry out acts of terrorism—including throwing rocks through the windows of cars and trucks, causing death and injury—through their media, involved in violent incitement.

Anyone in this parliament who has been to the many sessions of Palestinian Media Watch that have taken place here over the last 15 years has seen some of the appalling material on television in that area. Honestly, if one is to support a two-state solution and a peace process, one of the things we have to address in the future is this incitement of young people by the Palestinian Authority.

It is not good enough for the [Palestinian] Authority to receive Australian taxpayers’ support... and yet encourage people via sporting events, young people at soccer matches, and in their media etc., that this person X, who was a terrorist who murdered 25 people, you have a soccer stadium named after them or an educational institution (i.e., as exposed by PMW).”
[Australian House of Representatives, Nov. 22, 2016]

Michael Danby is the federal Labor Member of Parliament for Melbourne Ports.