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Fatah to Palestinians on wildfires in Israel: "What is burning are our [Palestinian] trees and our historical Palestinian land,” don't celebrate on social media

Headline: “Fatah: What is burning are our trees and our historical Palestinian land”
“In a statement it published today [Nov. 24, 2016], the Fatah Movement emphasized the Palestinian identity of all the Palestinian trees and stones that are burning right now (i.e., in a wave of suspected Palestinian arson attacks in November 2016), which are part of our historical Palestine. The statement warned the Israeli government not to take advantage of this event in a way that serves it by accusing Palestinian bodies of standing behind the fires.
Head of the Information Committee of the Fatah [Mobilization and Organization Commission] Munir Al-Jaghoub said that [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu's government must clearly understand the sanctity of the Palestinian’s belonging to his land and trees.
The statement warned against… the irresponsible responses on the social networks, which include meanings and content as if the Palestinians are dancing over the flames that are spreading within Israel. The statement called on everyone to show historical responsibility and not to use language and terms that are far from the historical heritage and from the Palestinian right to the land that faces fires in the Interior (i.e., Palestinian term for Israel).”
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