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Israel expert to Palestinian news agency: Some fires may have been set by Palestinians who were reacting to Israel`s alleged "racist"policies

Headline: “Experts to Donia Al-Watan: Netanyahu failed to conquer the fires and blamed the Palestinians for lighting them!”
“Israel affairs expert Dr. Adnan Abu Amar noted that the fires in Israel (i.e., a wave of suspected Palestinian arson attacks in November 2016) are a constant thing, and said that the claims of [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu are an attempt to receive the sympathy of the Israelis on the one hand, and on the other hand they are due to his understanding that he got into trouble due to the inability of his forces to put out the fires… Abu Amar did not rule out the possibility that it was carried out deliberately by a number of young Palestinians riled up due to the racist acts of the occupation, the latest of which was the ban [on sounding] the call to prayer in the Jerusalem mosques (in reference to the ‘Muezzin Law’ that applies to all of Israel, not just Jerusalem; see note -Ed.).”

On Nov. 13, 2016, a bill to ban religious institutions from broadcasting over loudspeakers was approved for a preliminary reading in the Israeli Parliament. The bill is intended to prevent noise pollution. This bill is referred to by many as the "Muezzin Law," although it does not refer to any specific religion.
Other countries have already approved or attempted legislation for regulating the use of loudspeakers in mosques in order to limit noise pollution. These include India, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Bahrain, the United Emirates, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, the UK, Austria, Norway, and Belgium, and the US. The PA has also passed legislation regarding the use of loudspeakers in mosques in order to reduce noise pollution.

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