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PA daily: Israeli media is racist for reporting on arrest of suspected Palestinian arsonists

Headline: “An evacuation of tens of thousands from the city of Haifa as a result of the fires, and senior Israeli officials light the fire of racism”
“Tens of thousands were evacuated yesterday [Nov. 24, 2016] from their houses in the city of Haifa as a result of the forest fires at the outskirts of the city that have continued for the past three days (i.e., a suspected wave of Palestinian arson attacks in November 2016)… The Israeli incitement has reached such a level that the [Israeli news] website Yediot Aharonot chose ‘The Fire Intifada’ as a main headline for many hours, and afterwards replaced it with a headline no less foolish – ‘The Israeli Security Agency is Investigating: Fire Terror.’ The incitement was not only on a news website, but rather included most of the Israeli media. What stands out in the announcements and leaks to the Israeli media is the talk not only about perpetrators but rather also about those who are termed ‘inciters’ to arson (i.e., several Palestinian suspects have been arrested for calling for arson attacks on social media).”
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