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Official PA daily reports on Israeli-Palestinian cooperation in puting out fires, acknowledges that Israel publically thanked Palestinians for helping

Headline: "Netanyahu calls the [PA] president and thanks him for the participation of the [PA] Civil Defense teams in putting out the fires - Israelis: We are talking in Hebrew mixed with Arabic and fighting [the fires] through a common language"
     "[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas received a phone call last night [Nov. 26, 2016] from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which [Netanyahu] thanked him for the participation of the Palestinian [PA] Civil Defense teams in putting out the fires (i.e., a wave of suspected Palestinian arson attacks in November 2016) that broke out in several areas within the Green Line (i.e., Palestinian term for Israel; the Green Line is the ceasefire line between Israel and the neighboring Arab countries, 1949-1967).
Director-General of the [PA] Civil Defense Yusuf Nassar verified yesterday that the mission of the Civil Defense teams in the fight against the fires in Haifa and Jerusalem has ended…
The Palestinian Civil Defense [Forces] were welcomed in the Interior (i.e. Palestinian term for Israel) after they volunteered to assist in putting out the fire, and pictures of the Palestinian firefighters, who numbered approximately 40, were published while they were still fighting the fire alongside Israeli firefighters.
Israelis wrote on social media that they appreciate the humanitarian act that the Palestinians did, and said that they were brave men…
Coordinator of Israeli Government Activities [in the Territories Maj. Gen.] Yoav Mordechai praised the Palestinian firefighting teams. Other Israelis expressed thanks to these men, who are endangering their lives in order to put out the fires that are destroying everything…
Council heads of Arab towns and many Arab citizens extended a hand in aid of the needy Jewish residents in the areas harmed by the fire, and primarily Haifa, as tens of thousands of residents were evacuated from their homes due to the spread of the fires to many neighborhoods in the city…
Photographer and producer Oren Rosenfeld… joined the teams in an attempt to document the cooperation between the Palestinians and Israelis, which was meant to save the city from the fire. He is filming a documentary film on the subject.
He said that at the moment the cause of the outbreak of fires does not matter, nor does whether it is intentional or not. He noted that the most important thing is to fight the fire and continue to work to put it out in cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian firefighters. [He also said that:] 'At the moment we are working alongside the Palestinians, there are four Palestinian fire trucks here,' and he added: 'We are talking in Hebrew mixed with Arabic, and fighting the fire through a common language. Therefore, at this time we are not interested in the cause of the outbreak, and we are trying to put it out together!’
The Israeli Foreign Ministry said in the official Twitter account ‘Israel in Arabic’: ‘Your neighbor is your relative. Many thanks to the Egyptians for sending two helicopters, to Jordan for the fire trucks for putting out the fires, and to the PA for eight fire trucks.’
The Israeli Foreign Ministry shared an additional tweet from [Israeli] Police Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, in which he posted pictures of the efforts to put out the fires and said: 'The Palestinian firefighters are working together with the Israeli firefighters in Haifa in order to assist in putting out the fires.'"
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The picture was taken by the French News Agency AFP. Caption: "[PA] Civil Defense members who are participating in putting out the fires near Jerusalem"

Green Line - 1949-1967 ceasefire line between Israel and the neighboring Arab countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria) following Israel's War of Independence (1948-1949). Land within the Green Line is all part of the State of Israel since 1949. Land outside the Green Line includes East Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights.

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