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PA Ministry of Foreign Affairs: "Netanyahu's government continues to light racist fires”

Headline: “[PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Netanyahu’s government continues to light racist fires”
     “The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: ‘Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the heads of his coalition took advantage of the current wave of fires in Israel (i.e., a wave of Palestinian terrorist arson attacks in November 2016) to launch an offensive of statements and positions contaminated by racism and full of hatred against the Palestinians and Arabs, while accusing them of being behind [the wave of fires].’
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified yesterday [Nov. 27, 2016] in a statement: ‘These accusations were directed [at the Palestinians and Arabs] even before any investigations were launched. This is part of an inciting and racist systematic Israeli policy, to which the right and extremist right are turning in an attempt to falsely accuse the Palestinians of ‘the sabotage and terror,’ to divert attention from the internal problems that Netanyahu and his coalition are dealing with, and to increase the extremism in Israeli society and broaden the circle of supporters of the right within Israel.’
It [the ministry] noted that the fires in the West Bank broke out in places that from the outset were marked as targets by the occupation and the settlement enterprise, and which are constantly subjected to repeated attacks by the settlers – which testifies to Israel’s intentions to get its hands on those places, and helps to link the fires in the West Bank with the daily attacks by the settlers and the occupation army.
The ministry added: ‘Likewise, this strengthens the assumption that some of the fires that broke out in the West Bank were deliberately set by people in extremist groups of settlers in order to complete their takeover of these areas.’”
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