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PA Foreign Ministry criticises Israel for supposedly not publicly thanking Palestinians for helping fight fires

     “The Palestinian [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that despite the historical injustice that the Palestinian people has experienced, its modest means, its great suffering because of the Israeli occupation and its abominable acts and its [Palestinian] constant need for someone to stand by it, aid it, and give it a hand, our people did not hesitate to contribute to the efforts to put out the fires in Israel... The statement added: ‘...senior [Israeli] officials chose to respond in a lowly and inappropriate way to the Palestinian participation, in an attempt to erase the humanitarian role fulfilled by the State of Palestine before the world.’
In the statement it was noted that the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement on its social media pages, in which it thanked the countries that participated in the efforts to put out the fires. However, it did not thank the State of Palestine, and did not put its flag next to the flags of the participating countries and the countries that offered aid, and just made do with a marginal reference at the bottom of the page to ‘aid from the PA’... It finished by saying: ‘The appreciation of the entire world is enough for us, and living in peace with ourselves is enough for us. However, the international community needs to be more assertive in dealing with the Israeli opportunism, which jumps on the Palestinian land and threatens to increase the illegal settlement in response to a natural disaster.”
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Note: The Facebook post the PA was complaining about thanked countries for sending airplanes and added at the bottom: “Ground assistance received also from the Palestinian Authority.” The Israeli government went out of its way to publicly express thanks to the PA.

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