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Over 5000 Fatah members excluded from Fatah conference; activists' attempts to protest quashed

Headline: “PA Parliament member Al-Sheikh Ali: We will not recognize the boycott conference, we are making preparations for the real Fatah conference”
“PA Parliament (Legislative Council) member for the Fatah Movement Na’ima Al-Sheikh Ali said today (Wednesday) [Nov. 30, 2016], in response to the conclusion of the first day of the Seventh Fatah Conference in Ramallah, that she and the rest of the Fatah members who were excluded from the conference do not recognize the conference, its agenda, and its results because this is a destructive and excluding conference.
Al-Sheikh said in statements to Al-Quds Radio: ‘My fellow members of Fatah who were excluded are continuing the preparations for the real Seventh Fatah Conference, and not the one that excludes [some], because we do not pin hopes on the celebration currently taking place in Ramallah.’
She added that [PA] President [Mahmoud] Abbas refused all efforts of reconciliation within Fatah, and noted that despite the words [of the conference organizers], according to which the quorum was achieved in their conference, there are over 5,000 Fatah members who were excluded…
Al-Sheikh clarified that the Fatah members who were excluded yesterday [Nov. 29, 2016] tried to protest in several ways in order to make their voices heard, ‘but they did not allow us to hold a press conference of Fatah members in Gaza. [This was] also forbidden in Ramallah, and they threatened several activists.’”