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Secretary-General of PA Islamic-Christian Council: Israel plans to turn Jerusalem into a "ghetto" through ethnic "cleansing"

Headline: “Dr. Issa: Israel is turning Jerusalem into a ghetto with a Jewish majority”
Secretary-General of the [PA] Islamic-Christian Council for Jerusalem and the Holy Places Dr. Hanna Issa emphasized that the Israeli violations of all types in occupied Jerusalem reveal that the occupation government does not want to reach a real and just peace with the Palestinians, but rather aspires to realize its ambitions: Judaization, expanding the settlements, and turning the holy city [of Jerusalem] into a ghetto with an Arab ethnic minority and a Jewish majority. This is by means of its policy of expulsion and [ethnic] cleansing against the [Arab] residents of Jerusalem, so that in the long term the city will become the Jewish capital of what is termed the State of ‘Israel.’
He noted that ‘ghetto’ is defined as an area in which – willingly or by compulsion – groups of residents live, who are viewed by most people as [having] a certain ethnic background or [as belonging] to a certain culture or religion. He added that the word originally refers to the neighborhood of the Jews in a city, such as the ghetto in the center of the city of Rome, while in Arab countries the ghetto was called ‘the Jewish quarter.’
Dr. Issa added: ‘“Ghettoes” or “Jewish quarters” were first established in Poland after June 1941 (sic., the first ghetto was established in Venice in 1516 , the first ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland was established in 1939 ), in the occupied territories of the Soviet Union, so as to isolate the Jewish residents. Most of the ghettoes were established in the poorest neighborhoods or in densely populated Jewish neighborhoods, and many of them were surrounded by walls or fences, or else other means were used to cut the connection with the outside world.’”

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