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Over 87,000 Palestinian women are paid less than minimum wage

Headline: “Female workers who were swallowed up by the exploitation – 87,000 women do not receive minimum wage, and there are no complaints out of fear of ‘losing’ the position”
     “The time has come to go to work, and Hanan Yassin needs to go quickly to the private clinic of two doctors who treat people’s pains – and implant extraordinary pain in her heart. The clinic is full of patients. The young woman, in her thirties, registers the names and organizes the queue. A call comes in from a doctor who asks her to prepare coffee or tea and clean the kitchen and bathroom. Hanan experiences an internal struggle: The undergraduate degree that she received did not help her to obtain a position in which she would be respected, and she was forced to work as a secretary in a private clinic for 800 [Israeli] shekels a month. She finds herself compelled to work in difficult conditions, and she does not receive the minimum wage – 1,450 shekels…
Hanan is just one case that exposes the difficult conditions of many [Palestinian] female workers, who do not receive their elementary right – minimum wage…
[There are] young women who are not familiar at all with the minimum wage law. Liana Ibrahim, who works at a driving school in Nablus, said: ‘I receive a monthly salary of 800 shekels, but this is the first time that I am hearing there is a minimum wage. I will demand an increase in accordance with my legal right from the owner of the school, but I will not be able to complain against him if he does not act according to the law.’ …
Secretary-General of the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions Shaher Saed… expressed surprise that complaints are not being submitted, at a time when [success in] suing in court is 100% guaranteed.
He added: ‘However, we cannot submit a complaint without the person whose right was violated turning to us and [lodging a] complaint with us.’ …
Saeb clarified that over 87,000 women do not receive minimum wage. He noted that women are the group that suffers the most from violation [of rights] in everything connected to the minimum wage, and he called to publicly expose everyone who employs women at a salary lower than minimum wage.”

Note: For purposes of comparison, the minimum salary for an imprisoned Palestinian terrorist starts at 1400 shekels a month.
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