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At conference in Tunisia, Israel accused of “enslaving” Palestinians, of “stealing the organs of the Palestinian Martyrs, who it deliberately murders,” and of ethnically cleansing Christians like ISIS

Headline: “Conference in Tunisia: Israel is the newest manifestation of slavery in the world”


“Deputy Secretary-General of the Arab League and head of the [Arab League] Center  in Tunisia Abd Al-Latif Obeid said that the racist Israeli occupation has set itself the goal of enslaving our Palestinian Arab people and our Arab peoples, impairing our freedom, and stealing our resources, at a time when slavery has passed from the world.
He said this in a speech that he gave yesterday [Dec. 5, 2016] at the opening of an Arab conference held by the Arab League center in Tunisia… for the 170th anniversary of the abolition of slavery and the liberation of the slaves, and the legislation of the Tunisian law banning trafficking in human beings… 

Iraqi academic, thinker, and President of the Academic University for Non-violence and Human Rights Abd Al-Hussein Shaaban said that the Israeli occupation is stealing the organs of the Palestinian Martyrs (Shahids), who it deliberately murders. He mentioned the story of Martyr Bilal Ahmed Ghanem who was murdered by the occupation forces in May 1992, a matter that was exposed by Swedish reporter [Donald] Bostrom in an investigative article (Bostrom later admitted he had no idea if the Israeli organ theft alleged in his 2009 article was actually true; see note below –Ed.). 

He added that the occupation forces murdered the 19-year-old youth and afterwards opened his body from the neck to the lower stomach. They transferred him to members of his family and forbade them opening the shrouds – otherwise they would be punished. As a result, France, for instance, broke off its cooperation with the occupation in the field of health (PMW could find no evidence of a break in cooperation. Israeli and French cultural, technological, and scientific cooperation is based on bilateral agreements dating back to 1959 -Ed.). 

Shaaban emphasized that the plan to cause the Palestinians to emigrate, and especially the Christians among them, is the most dangerous [plan] since Israel occupied Palestine, when they [the Christians] constituted 20% of the residents, while today they constitute only 1.5%. He compared this to the uprooting, killing, and taking captive of the Christians and Yazidis by ISIS in Iraq and Syria, which points to the same goal and the same practice of oppression and tyranny.”


Donald Boström - a reporter for the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet who wrote an article about alleged organ theft in Israel (Aug. 26, 2009 The article led to a controversy between the Israeli and Swedish governments when Israel asked Sweden to denounce the article and Sweden refused to do so. Later Boström stated he “had no idea, no clue” if the allegations were actually true, but that his intention had been to raise the topic so that it would be taken seriously and investigated.

There has been one case of organ theft in Israel's history. In 2001, an Israeli investigative journalist exposed that from the years 1988 to 2000, doctors under the chief pathologist at the Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine at times took body parts without permission from relatives, for research and transplants of skin and corneas. Most body parts were taken from Israeli Jews, but the theft also included body parts from Israeli Arabs, Israeli soldiers and Palestinian terrorists. There has been no documented case since then.


Bilal Ahmed Ghanem – 20-year-old Palestinian suspected of kidnapping and violently interrogating Palestinians whom they suspected of collaborating with Israel. Ghanem fled Israeli soldiers attempting to apprehend him on May 13, 1992, and was shot and killed by them.

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