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PLO official: "What we need most today is a comprehensive intifada"

Headline: "Khaled: What we need most is a comprehensive intifada and national rebellion against the occupation"
“PLO Executive Committee member and Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) political bureau member Tayseer Khaled wrote in a post on Facebook on the 29th anniversary of the glorious Palestinian [first] Intifada (i.e., Palestinian wave of violence and terror against Israel, 1987-1993), the Intifada of the children of stones, in which he said: …'If we will not bear our responsibilities, we will lose what remains to us of the homeland and we will lose the rights we have, and the responsibility calls on us to fulfill our obligations. What we need most today is a comprehensive intifada against the occupation and national rebellion in which all of the political and social forces will participate. This is a million times better than wagering on the illusions of political acts in the international arena that are not born on the shoulders of a popular intifada and national rebellion.'"