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Boy vows to join father in Martyrs` Paradise

Hamas, website  |

Palestinian boy:
"By Allah, oh my father, I love you more than my own soul, but that is trivial because of my religion, my cause and my Al-Aqsa [Mosque]. Father, my eyes will shed no tears, but my finger will pull the trigger - this trigger that I still remember. I will never forget, beloved father, the times when you taught me the love of Jihad. You taught me the love of arms, so that I would be a knight, Allah willing. I will follow in your steps and fight the enemies on the battlefield. Every drop of blood that dripped from your pure body is worth dozens of bullets directed towards the enemies' chest. Tomorrow I will grow up, tomorrow I will avenge, and the battlefields will know who is the son of the Martyr, the commander, Ashraf Mushtaha. Finally, father, we are not saying goodbye, rather, I'll see you as a Shahid (Martyr) in Paradise. [I am] your son, who longs to meet you, the young knight, Naim, son of Ashraf Mushtaha."
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