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Abbas condemns terror attacks in Egypt and Turkey

Headline: "The [PA] president: Egypt and its leadership are capable of halting the forces of evil and terror"
"[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas sent his Egyptian counterpart, [Egyptian President] Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, a telegram of condolences over the victims of the criminal terrorist bombing of the Coptic cathedral in Cairo (sic., St. Peter's Church was bombed on Dec. 11, 2016, and 25 were killed. The church is not Coptic; it is located next to the Coptic Christian St. Mark's Cathedral) that claimed dozens of victims and injured from among the brothers, members of the Egyptian people…
He emphasized that he is certain that Egypt and its leadership are capable of halting the forces of evil and terror… The president expressed his condemnation and absolute opposition to this abominable crime, which stands in opposition to the values of our monotheistic religion, tradition, conventions, and the ethical values of our peoples, and to all humanitarian laws…
President Abbas called his Turkish counterpart, [Turkish President] Recep Tayyip Erdogan, last night [Dec. 11, 2016] and expressed condolences over the victims of the two terrorist bombings that took place Saturday evening [Dec. 10, 2016] in the Besiktas neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey, that claimed dozens of dead and injured (38 were killed in the bombings –Ed.).
During the telephone conversation, the president again absolutely condemned the terrorist activities. He emphasized the solidarity of Palestine with Turkey and with the Turkish people against the terror, and the need to enlist regional and international efforts in order to fight it and uproot it."