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Abbas removes parliamentary immunity of 5 PA parliament members

Headline: "Abbas' legal advisor confirms the removal of immunity of five PA Parliament members"
       "Palestinian [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas' legal advisor [Hassan Al-Ouri] said: 'The president has removed the parliamentary immunity of five members of the Palestinian PA Parliament (Legislative Council).' According to the Arabic Sky News [TV] channel, Al-Ouri said today (Tuesday) [Dec. 13, 2016]: 'The president has acceded to the request of the attorney general to remove the immunity of several members of the PA Parliament in order to complete their interrogation in the matter of a complaint submitted by citizens and other affairs.'
He clarified that the members of the PA Parliament whose immunity was removed are Muhammad Dahlan, Jamal Al-Tirawi, Shami Al-Shami, Najat Abu Bakr, and Nasser Jum'a – all members of the Palestinian PA Parliament from Fatah. One of the most prominent names whose immunity was removed is PA Parliament member Al-Tirawi, who refused to participate in the Seventh [Fatah] Movement Conference in protest against the way in which members of the conference were selected.
It should be noted that the Supreme Constitutional Court recently granted President Abbas the authority to remove the immunity of PA Parliament members."

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