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PLO official tells Trump: Moving embassy will "destroy the peace process with Israel" and "drag the region into a state of anarchy"

Headline: "Israel welcomes the appointment of the American Jew David Friedman as Washington's new ambassador in Tel Aviv – Erekat warns: The transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem and the agreement to the annexation of the settlements will drag the region into anarchy – Friedman supports the settlers and casts doubt on the two-state solution…"
"Secretary[-General] of the PLO Executive Committee Saeb Erekat warned US President-elect Donald Trump yesterday [Dec. 16, 2016] against his intention to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem. He emphasized that such a decision will destroy the peace process with Israel.
It should be noted that Trump on Thursday [Dec. 15, 2016] announced the appointment of the American Jew David Friedman as the US Ambassador to Israel. He is a lawyer who emphasized that he eagerly anticipates fulfilling his mission 'in Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem,' as he put it. This constitutes a most sensitive point in the region.
Erekat said in statements to journalists that the status of Jerusalem must be subject to negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis, and that making any decision today 'would destroy the peace process.' Erekat added: 'I turn directly to David Friedman and Trump - if you transfer the embassy and agree to the annexation of the settlements in the West Bank, you will drag the region into a state of anarchy, extremism, and lawlessness.' He continued [by saying] that 'The US is a state of institutions that acts in accordance with its national interests,' and added that he does not think 'that the Americans will transfer their embassy to Jerusalem.'"
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