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Fatah in Europe calls Abbas a dictator

Headline: “Fatah in Europe condemned the PA Security [Forces’] attack against [PA] Parliament members who held a sit-down strike at the Red Cross building”
     “The Fatah Movement in Europe published a statement in which it condemned the violations against the [PA] Parliament members from Fatah, their [being] attacked at the Red Cross building, and their being forced to stop their sit-down strike.
The statement that was published today, Monday [Dec. 19, 2016], said: ‘Yet again [PA] President [Mahmoud] Abbas has committed a blatant violation against a number of PA Parliament (Legislative Council) members, and his [PA] Security Forces attacked them inside the International Red Cross building in Ramallah as they held a peaceful sit-down strike as a sign of protest over the illegal steps that Mahmoud Abbas took against them (i.e., he removed their parliamentary immunity).
We in the Fatah Movement in Europe declare our condemnation of the harmful conduct against the status and immunity of the parliament members, and view this as a dangerous continuation of the path of tyranny and autocracy that Abbas and his Security Forces are taking before the ears and eyes of the world.
This is even while as PA president he [Abbas] is obligated to act to unite all the Palestinians and to avoid vindictiveness and settling accounts in this blatant manner.
Mahmoud Abbas and his Security Forces are acting like bullies against an institution that was elected by the people and draws its immunity from the law and the people, for the purpose of eliminating any place that can stand against his aggressive takeover of all of the authorities in the Palestinian political system.
This is bullying that today is directed against parliament members from Fatah, and tomorrow no one will be saved from it, and before that it was directed against the civilians, op-ed columnists, and civilian organizations…
We believe that history will spit out dictator Abbas and turn him into a thing of the past, and this time is not far away, for a blow to the people, its parliament members, and its fighters will not pass in silence.’”